Using surveys to improve your business

Surveys can be incredibly helpful tools for business owners. They are a great platform to ask for and receive feedback.  collate data which can be used for decision making. This is especially helpful in the tourism industry, especially for tour and activity operators. Here’s a quick breakdown on how surveys can help boost your tour and activities. 


A faster way to get answers

Online surveys are a quick and easy way to get feedback. Platforms like SurveyMonkey are often free to use and super convenient, both for you and your responders. You can even set things up so that a survey is sent automatically on your customers' departureMost customers respond within the first three days of the survey.  


Surveys are cheap, if not free

Surveys shouldn't cost you a lot of money. Most of the time, people are quite willing to provide feedback - especially if they've had a really positive experience. If you're really keen on gathering data, you can always offer an incentive, like a voucher or discount to entice people to participate. 


An accurate and honest response  

Research shows that people feel more confident in filling out survey forms using their own computers or mobile phones than through phone calls or face-to-face questions. This makes sense, as online surveys can provide anonymity for responders. Because they don’t feel intimidated, they're more likely to be honest. 


Customers feel valued  

Giving your customers a platform to provide feedback will make them feel heard and valued. Being seen to take your customers' opinions into consideration is a good look 😎


How to send out your surveys

Here are some ways you can implement your survey strategy: 

  • From your reception desk 

Having a copy of your survey at your front desk is a basic and easy way to get feedback from your customers. As soon as they’re done with their activity or stay, you can hand them a copy and ask them to fill out the survey. Most customers will be more than happy to oblige.  

  • Through emails

There are lots of great tools online to create surveys. Create an online survey form, get the link, and then send it out to your customer through email. Don't forget, surveys can go out at any time. You can set up an automatic email to go out on your guests' departure. You could also send out a survey to past visitors in bulk. 


For your any business to grow, you need to know where to make improvements. Surveys take the guesswork out of that challenge and ensure that you give your customers what they want.   

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