How to prepare your tourism business for a post-pandemic future 

Business owners around the world are scrambling for solutions and ideas to keep their businesses afloat during and after this pandemic. One thing's for certain: a 'business-as-usual' approach is not going to work in the post-pandemic future. This unprecedented event requires an unprecedented response. And the only way to really take control of your business' future is by developing a detailed plan for relaunch. 


Find your position after the pandemic

Before you can make smart decisions for your business, you need to understand your company’s new position in the market. To do that, here are some important questions to answer: 

  • What is your target market? 
  • What role will your business play in the new tourism market 
  • Who are your competitors?  
  • Where are you headed?  
  • What will reopening or relaunch look like? How flexible is your operation to scale up or down depending on demand? 
  • Can you recapture lost ground?  
  • Will you be able to emerge as the leader in your market (or travel niche) during the lockdown?  

Now is the perfect time to map your business' probable position as restrictions ease and borders reopen 


Plan your comeback

As the great Benjamin Franklin said, failing to plan is planning to fail.  You need a detailed plan for relaunch and you need it well ahead of that actually happening. Set goals and KPIs, and consider time frames. These don't have to be based on fixed dates - but consider breaking your relaunch into stages or phases. 

When mapping out the steps you intend to take, start broad and then work out the details one by one.  


Look closely at your identity

This pandemic has changed every aspect of society; this may include your company culture and identity. A crisis like this can bring people together, but it can also reveal the worst in people. 

It’s important that you look closely at how your identity and perspective might change after the pandemic. Has the crisis brought you and your employees together or driven everyone apart? Will people see your brand differently when the dust settles? Your answers may tell you what you can achieve after this crisis and how to position your business.


Look for new projects to launch

Your answers to the questions above should provide you with ideas for this part. The challenge is to future-proof your business with different strategies and initiatives. However, beware of jumping into multiple projects at once. Make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew, or you’ll jeopardise your resources and put your future at risk. So choose your priorities carefully.  


Be ready to execute your plan  

Assess your preparedness and consider whether you are ready to execute the projects you have planned. Evaluate all your resources at hand, check their quality and quantity. Talk to your staff; ask them what they need to be able to perform their roles effectively. Finally, don't put too much pressure on yourself to execute your plan perfectly. These are uncertain times, things can change quickly. Put your energy into providing a great service or product, and things will fall into place. 


It might be hard to imagine now, but this crisis won't last forever. If you can keep one step ahead, you'll be sure to get your groove back once that time comes.  

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