How to leverage tourism trade famils

Trade partnerships are one of the most effective, affordable forms of marketing. By building a team of trusted partners, your product will be sold around the world.

Developing close links with trade partners can make a huge difference to your company. One of the best ways to showcase your brand is for those partners to be able to try your product, see what you offer, understand the ins and out and see how this will relate to their own market.

What is a trade familiarisation visit (famil)? A famil is a visit from media or a potential partner which allows them to understand your product by experiencing it firsthand. Famil experiences are usually offered free of charge or at a discounted rate at operators’ discretion.

A strong famil policy will ensure that you are regularly showcasing your business to the right people.

Famils are especially helpful for:

  • New companies wanting to make a splash
  • Long-standing operators wanting to reach new markets
  • Operators launching a new product

If you need any guidance, please get in touch. Tourism Accelerator has extensive networks and experience arranging famils. We can help you design events specifically for your trade partners to show off your product. We'll help you give guests an experience they won’t forget.

Tackle it today: Brainstorm a list of your ideal partners. They might be travel agents, influencers, journalists, or even just popular people in your life who have big networks you want to tap into. Then pick up the phone or flick them an email, inviting them to come and check out your operation!

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