How to create an impressive itinerary your customers can't resist 

Before making a booking, most travellers spend hours finalising their itinerary. They do their research, reading reviews and scouring the Internet for the best deals. So let's make life easy for these travellers by providing an impressive itinerary of your own. Not only will you win them over by displaying your knowledge of the area, but you can showcase your partners and region. Here are some tips for creating an impressive itinerary: 


Know your audience

This is the first step and the foundation of your strategy. The idea is to create an itinerary that will motivate your target audience to book you the second they see your itinerary. The only way you can do that is if you understand your audience and know what they want to see. This is where having a good tour booking system comes into play. It allows you to collect and make use of customer dataIt can generate valuable reports to give you a good insight into your customers’ habits and preferences.  


Let your guests personalise their itinerary  

You should give your guests the option of personalising their experience. You can offer one or two additional stopsremove and replace certain items, or offer exclusive entry at specific locations. 

No two guests are the same. Giving them the freedom to personalise their trip is a great way to make an irresistible itinerary. 


Keep the itinerary accessible

People get bored easily. You have to make it easy for them to find the information they need.  This will also help them make their decision fast and finalise their booking without delay.  

Make sure the itinerary is also accessible across different devices. Most travellers use their mobile phones to search for and make bookings online. Your website must not only be mobile-friendly but mobile responsive 


Send out your tour description

Once you have your cracking itinerary, it’s time to promote it across different channels. Get it out there via emails, your website, blog, or social media. The description should be short but concise and must clearly describe what travellers can expect from the tour. Emphasise the unique features of your tour and make sure those details help set you apart from your competition.  


Building the perfect itinerary will entice your customers to book your activity. Make them an offer they can't resist!

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