How to optimise user-generated content for your tourism business

Every day, millions of users upload content to the internet. User-generated content has become a hot commodity in the travel industry on the premise of its reliability. Travellers know that when a fellow user generates contentthey can trust it. That's why operators should leverage user-generated content in their social media marketing campaigns.   

Modern travellers are considered visual decision-makers. They respond well to photos and videos but are 85% more likely to book with you when you use visual user-generated content, according to BusinessWire  

So here are some strategies for optimising user-generated content on your social media if you want to increase bookings.  


Develop an authentic brand story

Experiential travel is the latest trend in the travel industry. This kind of tourism focuses on immersing yourself in the destination and having a profoundly local experience. Many tourism operators have adapted their marketing to reflect this trend, and so should you.   

Travellers want to know beyond what to expect from the tour. They want to hear authentic experiences from people who've been there or tried your activity or tour. User-generated content is the perfect tool to showcase that. By sharing content from happy customers, you provide potential travellers with a glimpse of the experience, not just the destination or the activity.  

Also, visual user-generated content is a good indicator of your guests' experience. People who share their photos and videos are more likely to be the ones who enjoyed it the most. They want to relive that positive experience by sharing it on social media. 


Make your social media channel more visual

Social media is all about visual content. The more visuals you have, the better! Travellers are motivated by visuals, and they want to see what you have to offer, not read about it.   

But it's more than just the emotional response you can get from your would-be customers. User-generated visual content can increase the time spent by customers on your website and social media by up to 90%. Plus, that content can boost return visits to your website or social media by 20%. 


Create more buzz with social hashtags  

Social media users love when their photos or videos are featured on company profiles on social media. Encourage them to share photos and videos of their experiences from your tours and activities with the use of a branded hashtag. 

The use of branded social hashtags has a range of benefits. Firstly, it encourages your customers to share their content on social media. Second, it builds your brands visibility and credibility online. And finally, it makes it easier for you to locate user-generated content online that you can use to promote your tours and activities.  


It's clear – user-generated content is a powerful marketing tool you can use to stand out. When used optimally, it can increase your bookings and spark up interest from other travellers 

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