3 ways to make your tourism products more competitive

Your goal as a tourism operator is simple – to compel people to pick your products over your competition. There are many ways to do that and one of the most effective ways is to offer the best tourism products.   

There are lots of things that your consumers consider when they’re in the process of choosing tours and activities for their next vacation. You can make their life easier by catching their attention and beating your competitors with the tourism products they can’t refuse.  

So how exactly do you do that?  


Entice them with discounts

You can apply discounts for different things to entice people to choose your service or activities over your competitors. Here are some types of discounts you can offer: 

  • Seasonal Discounts – This is a great way to boost your bookings in low seasons. For quick and trackable results, you can distribute your discount coupons through daily deal sites 
  • Group Discounts  – Reward your customers for buying in bulk with group discounts.
  • Loyalty Discounts – If you have an existing loyalty program, then this is the best way to make your loyal customers happy. Rewarding customers is a sure way to encourage more bookings and word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Total Spending Discount – Another way to make your loyalty program members happy is to offer discounts for customers who have reached a certain amount in their total spending. 
  • Payment Term Discounts – This is for those customers who pay via instant online payment instead of cash on the day of their tour. 

You can still maintain your sales margin by keeping your regular sales. Discounts can give you extra income by selling it to other customers.  


Offer better products than your competition

You don’t have to get fancy to improve your products. Simple and small changes can improve your products’ perceived value. It could be as simple as including a free cold drink on a hot day.

You could work with local attractions to include entry tickets on your tours and save your guests the hassle of lining up to buy entry tickets.  

You could also partner with other tour operators in different areas to give your guests that complete experience by bundling your experiences and activities. They will appreciate the convenience of not having to book multiple times.  


Price your products better

For most tourists, price is the biggest deciding factors when bookingThe way you show your prices can definitely affect your customers’ decision and eliminate competition.  

  • Visible Pricing  If your product is pricey, then you might want to show the cost of each element you have included in your tour. Allow your guests to personalise their tour by giving them the freedom to mix and match their package. This way, they can stick to their budget and customise their experience.  
  • Disguised Pricing – You can offer discounts to your guests if you have bundled your products with your local business partnersThis means you can include snacks, drinks, meals or other experiences.  


When crafting your tour products, do your homework and research. Take a look at what your competition is doing. How is your product different and unique from them? What makes yours better?  Consider your prices, add value and include discounts.  

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