Tourism marketing strategies for millennials 

Millennials are becoming an increasingly important part of the global travel industry. As a matter of fact, in 2018, millennials spent more than $200 billion on travel. They’re also the biggest generation to date making up 31.5% of the 7.7 billion global population. 

This generation grew up in the middle of the digital revolution so is accustomed to the fast-paced world of technology. They flood Facebook and Instagram with their sun-tanned selfies and endless shots of sunsets and restaurant mealsThey are also frequent and spontaneous travellers, as many of them value experience over material goodsIn 2019, an AARP study found that an average millennial (aged 21 to 37) travelled 5.6 times, including three international trips. That’s way more than the average member of Gen X (4) and Baby Boomers (3.5).  

With these numbers, it’s safe to say that Millennials are a goldmine for tourism operators. But how do you tap into this demographic? Here are some tourism marketing strategies suited for millennials.  


Engage on social media

Millennials love to share their travel stories on social mediaAbout 87% use Facebook to inspire their travel choices while 50% use Twitter and Pinterest. These are serious numbers! And the best thing about this is they actually expect brands to interact with them in these platforms. Thus, it is imperative that you build a presence in social media, particularly o Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.  

Keep your social media content and posts engaging. Your photos and videos must be eye-catching and of high quality. Consider the Instagram factor. Many millennials are drawn by “instagrammable” travel destinations and tours. Appeal to that.   

There’s a whole strategy for this and there are gurus that can help you boost your brand’s social media presence. Invest in these courses and study what your successful competitors are doing.  


Ask for online reviews

Never underestimate the power of reviews, as millennials read them all the time. As a matter of fact, 84% of them are influenced by reviews, comments, and forums. They see this information as honest assessments and, more often than not, they read significant reviews before they finalise their booking decisions.   

So encourage your customers to provide online reviews at the end of their trip. You can also send them an automatic e-mail to politely request for reviews.  

Check out reviews from time to time. Show gratitude to people who left positive reviews. Respond politely to unhappy customers, understand their point of view, and tell them you’ll use their opinion to improve your services.  


Be mobile-friendly

Not just mobile-friendly but mobile-responsiveWhy? Well, 74% of millennials use their smartphones to research about their trips while 66% use their phones to book it. Also, spontaneous travellers use their phones for last-minute trips, for both researching and booking.  

This goes to show that mobile is no longer a secondary device for online business transactions. Millennials have them on hand all the time. They connect and communicate with the world using their phones. So consider a mobile pay-per-click campaign and make sure your website isn’t just mobile-friendly, but also mobile responsive.  


Personalise your promos  

Millennials love customised deals and promotions that suit their preferences. This is where the rise of niche market tourism came from. So make sure your marketing to millennials is as targeted as possible. This means offering specific tours and activities for specific types of travellers so you appeal to their preferences 


Knowing how to market your tours and activities is a valuable investment of your time and resources. If you win over millennials, you'll gain not only loyal customers but also customers who would advocate for your business online.

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