Promo codes for tourism operators: what you need to know 

There are a lot of powerful marketing tools in a tourism operator’s tool kit. One such proven tool is the promo code. While every traveller is different, everyone loves a good deal. Promo codes make offering those deals a piece of cake!   

Offering promo codes gives your tour business the chance to get more direct bookings from motivated customers. But how do you actually use them? Here are some tips for an effective promo code campaign.   


Use promo codes for retargeting campaigns

Retargeting ads target customers who may have shown interest in your business but not yet made a purchase. It's import to note that around 97% of first-time visitors to your site leave without purchasing anything. Retargeting campaigns work by following these people around the internet with ads enticing them back to your site.

Giving away a promo code to target these potential customers is a great way to motivate them to commit to booking. A 10 to 15% discount offer through a promo code may be all they need to make up their mind and book with you.


Promo code for agents with large audiences

Online travel agents (OTAs) are great business partners. They connect your business with a huge pool of motivated travellers. They help promote your brand in their own advertising campaigns. And most importantly, travellers trust them. OTAs have strong online security and privacy systems, user-friendly sites, and usually offer the best deals. For this reason, many travellers will book all of their travel through OTAs. So it’s wise to create a dedicated code to share with these resellers.  

Dedicated promo codes for OTAs will help you track the incremental sales earned from these bookings. Subsequently, this will also entice more customers as your deals will be visible on the OTA's website. Customers love discounts and they head to OTA sites for the best deals. This is also a good strategy to boost last-minute bookings.


Parting Tips

Promo codes are easy to implement when you have a competent online booking systemIt’s best to invest in a system specifically dedicated to your type of operation (hotel, activity, tour), as they have all the nifty features you need to make your life easier.  

Choose a system that will help you track the results of your promo code campaigns through concrete digits. That’s the best way to find out which codes drive the most sales. 


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