How to get a competitive edge in the travel industry 

Competition is fierce in the travel industry. Thanks to the internet and social media, it's never been easier for travellers to see the world of travel possibilities. Everyone is fighting for a larger slice of the pie. But just because competition is fierce, it doesn’t mean you can't earn good money from the market. There's enough pie for everybody. If you’re looking to get a competitive edge over your competition, we've got some tips for you.  


Refine your marketing strategy with data 

What worked ten years ago may not yield the same results now. Times have changed and if the last year is anything to go by, things will continue to change at light speed. The key is to adapt. And to do that, you need data. 

This is where a good booking system will pay dividends. These systems will collect data in real-time and generate reports for you. From here, you can refine your marketing strategy to reach specific segments in your target market.  


Keep your social media engaging  

Social media has played a significant role in the rapid growth of the travel industry. Travellers across the globe are happily sharing their adventures, gorgeous views, delectable meals, and fun experiences in their social media platforms every day.  

That being the case, social media should be a goldmine of leads for your business. A good social media strategy will make it easier for these leads to find you.

The opportunities are endless. You can run ads, try an organic campaign, or work with influencersYou can also capture people’s attention by making engaging posts and boost them, ask questions, answer questions, take polls, share tips, and more. Offer deals and run promos, or host contests for free trips, discounts, deals, or gift cards. All of these activities will encourage people to engage with your page and boost your visibility.


Personalise your customer service

A few years ago, personalised tours and activities were reserved for luxury travellers. These days, lots of people can access this kind of experience. Rather than take a 'one size fits some' approach, many companies have started to tailor their offering to meet their customers' needs.

Each guest is different. Some travel with groups of friends, some with families or a partner. Some travel with their kids or seniors while some travel alone. You can provide personalised tours and activities to your guests based on their preferencesThis way, your guests will feel like they're getting special treatment and better bang for their buck.  


Take advantage of technology 

Technology is your friend - and most likely, your competitors’ friends too. So don’t get left behind - streamline your booking process with a responsive booking system. It must be easy to navigate and allow people to set their bookings quickly and easily.   


Competition is tough, but it also creates opportunity. By considering some of the measures above, you can give your business a competitive edge.

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