Getting started in tourism distribution

Imagine if you could advertise around the world, and only pay once you received a sale...

The tourism distribution system is an effective way to market your product, while only paying for that marketing once you make a sale. You can promote your product through international marketing campaigns with little to no upfront cost. How good is that?

Online travel agents, wholesalers and inbound tour operators will develop itineraries for product distribution for both the Free and Independent (FIT) and Group Travel Market. It's a great way for you to grow your brand.

Operators are often confused as to why they would pay someone else a commission for the sale of their product. It's one of the most secure forms of marketing, so think of it as a marketing cost. In order for you to access all levels of distribution, it's important that a 25% commission is built into your price.

Commission rates:

Expect that agents, wholesalers and tour operators will assess the level of commission on a case by case basis. Generally, this will determine the marketing opportunities provided for your product.

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