Collaborating with other tourism operators to drive demand

These days, people want to make the most of their weekend away or three-week holiday. It's no surprise travellers are looking beyond a single destination or attraction to the wider region when planning trips. Travel packages make decision making easy and are a great way to entice visitors to explore your region.

Understanding how to package tourism products is fundamental when proposing itineraries for trade partners, media familiarisation visits and general visitors.

It starts by connecting with other operators in the region, which can be daunting. Operators often ask questions like:

  • How will we jointly market the product?
  • Which operator will collect and disperse the funds of the sale?
  • How will cancellations be managed?
  • Will trade partners be able to sell the itinerary?

Online booking systems for attractions and experiences such as Rezdy and Fare Harbor make it easy for attractions and tour companies to distribute products with 24/7 live inventory available. For accommodation operators, systems such as Little Hotelier, RMS and Guest Point make it easy to on-sell inventory which allows for packaging to happen.

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