6 tips to take the pain out of writing

Writing is not everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, it can be downright terrifying for some people. Writing should be easy, right? It’s the same as speaking! Well not quite, so here are six tips for better writing help get you over the line and back to doing what you do best.

1. Story Telling

Always remember you are telling a story. Imagine yourself sitting down with a friend and telling them about your business. All stories follow a certain structure; beginning, middle and end. Sometimes the end can be hard to find, but we all get there eventually. You don’t need to be a wordsmith, often the bare bones are enough – remember, you are just sharing information. It doesn't need to be Shakespeare (that would be really weird on a tourism operator's website - unless you're The Globe!)

2. Content

Struggling to think of ideas for your writing? Ask yourself one question: what do you want your reader to know about your business? When you are clear on that, it shouldn't be hard to think of stories that help communicate that message. Launching a great new experience? Tell us all about it. Have an outstanding team member who gives the best tours? Write a brief profile on them. Content that informs and inspires your readers will undoubtedly build loyalty and investment amongst your readership.

3. Keep to the Point

Going off-topic is the fastest way to lose a reader. They came to your website for a reason, so stick to your point! Before you start writing, sketch out a plan for the content with a few dot points. The first point should always be, what is this about? Break the topic into sections and if one part becomes too large consider creating a new article; you can always link to it later.

4. Originality

Your readers want to hear what YOU want to say. Keeping your work original, and in your specific voice, is the best way to engage an audience. Think about tone - that is, how your business would speak if it had a voice. Is it laid-back and friendly? Sophisticated and elegant? Wacky and fun? Writing in this voice will convey information about your business to your readers. Speak directly to them and don’t bury them with jargon; there’s a reason we have the saying Keep It Simple Stupid!

5. Maintain Grammar

Most people think of grammar as a bunch of confusing rules. But, grammar is largely style and spelling. Is your voice consistent and active? Check your spelling, especially for easy to misuse words, such as there, their and they’re. Whether you're a confident writer or a complete novice, you can't go wrong using Grammarly, a free app for your browser that proofreads your writing.

6. Start Writing!

Creating engaging content for your website doesn't have to be a headache. Be yourself, natural and truthful. Tell a good story and you will be rewarded with solid readership, that can lead to a loyal customer base and increased sales.

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